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do it again chemical brothers

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DO YOU LIKE A RIDLLE ? Are you clever enough to solve this one ?                     If you are ,be prepared, This is a logic ridlle , not a joke. You can solve it only with logic thinking                                                                                                                              STATEMENT:                                                                                                                       There is a monastery in Tibet with 21 monks , they are all very clever and consequent.One day the head monk says :,, there are some (one or more) of you , with a red dot on the forehead. The one (or ones ) have to comit suicide,,.   The monks meet eachother once a day during breakfast, they sit at a round table . So everybody can see eachother.   The monks can’t communicate with each other ,not even talk or signe language.And they can’t even mirror them selves (there are no mirrors).   The first day nothing happens , the second day nothing happens . If the monks know they have a red dot on their forehead , they will comit suicide.             QUESTION:  What happens the third day , and why?                                                       If you can solve this ridlle , send the answer to my E-mail  jahindebeuf@hotmail.co.uk  , or  tell me the answer on Skype. I know this ridlle for 15 years now, i asked hundreds of people this ridlle . Only 2 people could find it . I am looking for more , have a go at it . Remember its a logic ridlle , no tricks involved . GOOD LUCK.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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Are u clever enough? Do you like a LOGIC PUZZLE ?  Go to my custom list .  Click logic puzzle and it will open . More puzzles will come soon on my blog. I hope you enjoy them
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